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Our Bakery

We created a unique atmosphere to make our guests feel at home. There is a lot of French places in New York but only Miss Madeleine propose authentic hand made products. Push the door and on the other side is Paris !

We are proud of what we have accomplished and have taken over the shop previously "Canele by Celine" where we worked for more than a year and find our customers. Coming from France, it was not easy to develop our business. We were caterers with limited service in New York City. Now we finally have our shop to serve you better.


All our products are freshly baked every day with passion and an authentic know-how French. Come to feel Paris at each bite! We propose a wide variety of fine French Pastries, Breads, hand made Jams and Cakes. We are specialized in the French Madeleine of Commercy, sweet and savory. We both come from France with a common passion to create a unique French bakery in New York City. We established our company in the Upper East Side where we used to work as caterer. Now with Miss Madeleine, we are ready to serve you in the best way !


Peggy and Gerald, owners



We are specialized in authentic Madeleines of Commercy sweet and savory.

Thank you for telling us everyday that we have the best French croissant in Manhattan. 

Your new French bakery is now serving : French baguette, large selection of pastries and cakes, French Quiches for lunch time and why not a strawberry or apple tart for your dessert.

Everyday fresh guaranteed!

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